I’m loving Reddit


A few years ago I signed up for Reddit and I basically added two posts and then for some reason forgot about it. My original username was LivingCreativelywithFibro and having checked back it has four Karma.

As I forgot all about it I rejoined a few days ago with the username CreativeFibro and joined a few subs and within a couple of days, I find myself with 43 Karma already.

I have previously spent time using Quora which I still enjoy but there is something about the set-up of Reddit that basically makes it a cross between Quora and Facebook. I have been able to follow Apps sub-channels ask a question and get an answer within a couple of hours or so. In the past, I have done the same in a Facebook group and it has taken several days to get a reply, if at all. If you are not familiar with it you may want to give it a go.  

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