Blogging against the wire


When we live with Fibromyalgia one of the common symptoms is IBS and it has a habit of popping up at a time when it is least wanted.

I went against all my best advice and I was still writing and creating the graphics for today’s main blog post on publication day. This is partly because I have been dealing with some stress brought about by someone else’s illness and also because the Fibro has been playing up a bit.

Nevertheless, a blog schedule date is a type of promise and I try my very best to keep my promises unless the Fibro hits those 8/10+ levels when everything becomes impossible. So I cracked on and was down to the last paragraph with an hour or so to go when the IBS decided to make its presence known.

I’ll admit I had that sinking feeling because so often when this happens that is me done, for a few hours. But you know what it wasn’t too bad. I was able to get back on the computer and publish less than an hour late.

That my friend is a victory. But, for the next blog post, I need to get back ahead into a comfortable position because this was down to the wire!

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