Flippin’ Pancakes


My crafty mojo is still in a temporary coma but thankfully it is showing signs of stirring. Thankfully, I have an order for a birthday card and there is nothing like an outside influence to get things moving.

On the subject of cards. I have not yet shared with you the card I made for my Dad to give Mum for their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Let’s be honest nothing would compare with the card they received from the Queen, but I think she was happy with this.

Dad's Anniversary Card to Mum.

As they married in London, the topper seemed to be the choice. If I am completely honest it is not one of the best cards I have made but considering I made it with very little mojo, I was happy enough with it.

Crafty in the Kitchen

So back to today, who else is having pancakes? Last year we used the crepe maker to cook them (I was well and truly influenced by a YouTuber resulting in the purchase of this). But Michael, who is the chief cook and bottle washer felt that the whole process took a lot more time than it does if you use a standard frying pan. Not to mention you miss the opportunity to partake in the whole flipping ritual.

This year I think we will revert to using the pan, although I am unlikely to be able to participate in the flipping due to the weight of the pan. A tiny thing, but then Fibromyalgia affects as many tiny things as it does the big picture. I guess we are always taught not to play with our food but Shrove Tuesday is one of the only days in the year to give a valid reason to break this rule. The more law-abiding we are the more we appreciate these novel opportunities.

Pancakes in our house are served as a dessert after dinner, when do you have yours?

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