What is motivation?


There is something about a Monday that makes me want to do better. Whenever I am thinking of starting something new or trying to make a change, I always plan this for a Monday. I don’t know about you?

But then, there is this other thing. I am a spoonie and my pain and energy levels fluctuate. Meaning that Monday isn’t always the best day to – be a Monday, so to speak.

This is one of the many conflicts my naturally productive personality and my physically compromised body has to deal with. Can you imagine how a true spoonie calendar might look. A barren wasteland with all the dates added but no weekdays. Enabling you to wake up and sense the lay of the land before deciding, it’s a good day, today is a Monday and I will begin my week or equally possible today I need a rest, it must be the weekend…

You may think I sound crazy or maybe this resonates with you a little bit. I’d love to know!

Valentine’s Day

As all the commercialised world told us, yesterday it was Valentine’s Day. As a much smaller group of people know, it was also my birthday. Being a February birthday I am one of the last people to celebrate during the pandemic. I think the only difference was we would probably have gone out for a carvery but instead, Michael cooked us a roast.

As for the rest of the day, I binge-watched Bridgerton and relaxed playing WoW.

Have you watched Bridgerton? What did you think?

Displaced Motivation

As for my Monday dilemma, well I decided to chill out and do some easy tasks like catching up reading blogs, which led me to setting up this Twitter newsletter to share my long-form content with you. Not too bad for a day that didn’t want to happen. My full body aches are no joke but I have sated the productivity monster within me. Now for another low-energy distraction.

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