The Return of Crafty Mojo?


After the last few days, I was a little bit worried about how today would turn out. When you are new to making an income from something there is no chance you will turn away a customer. Add to that the customer is family and there is even more pressure to get things right.

I was glad that this particular birthday card featured a lot more graphic design than the physical cardmaking process. Nevertheless, I was really happy with what I came up with. It met the brief perfectly and my sister in law said it was brilliant when I sent her a photo of the design.

As you know from a couple of days ago I am somewhat interested in the brain and how it works, so I am curious to see how my creativity feels tomorrow. In other words, has my mojo returned due to this deadline or did the deadline provide a fight-or-flight-style necessary boost of creativity to get the job done, which will feel like a distant memory tomorrow.

To add to the mix my post from 2 days ago is making a fool out of me. So the emotions are squiffy too. It is crazy how Fibromyalgia finds a way to weave into all aspects of your life.

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