Drugs and Sugar


I remember reading somewhere that sugar is more addictive than heroin and I can well believe it! First of all, let me clarify that I have had no experience with heroin whatsoever. Before that becomes a rumour somewhere in the depths of the internet. All the drugs I have experienced have been medically prescribed and I don’t seem to have any addiction problems where they are concerned.

Opioid Medication

In recent years I have had an ongoing repeat prescription for co-codamol. Initially, in the early days of my Fibromyalgia, I was taking eight of these a day as standard. When I was still attempting to keep my employment going these were essential to get through the day. However, when the opioid crisis began I was worried about what may happen if I was no longer prescribed them. So, as being in control is important to me I decided to take things into my own hands and ween myself off them, reducing two tablets a day for a week at a time. Within a month I was no longer taking any of the co-codamol unless the symptoms were especially and warranted them.

I believe it was because I was able to do this that the pills remain available for me to order whenever needed. I also have Amitriptyline to take on an evening to help me at night and when needed I take Ibuprofen. These are topped up with other natural based remedies that help if different ways.


Sugar though is a whole other matter. I really don’t want to do that thing of blaming the parents, but to some degree my formative years have to be taken into account. My earliest memories of childhood involve the sweet barrel that was kept on the top of the bookcase out of reach. Whenever anything sad or bad happened the barrel was taken down and sweets offered. In the same way when there was something to be celebrated this was again done with a visit to the sweet barrel. Instinctively this cylindrical entrance to paradise was of great importance.

Another childhood memory involved a Wagon Wheel that was on the kitchen counter going missing. All I know for sure is I didn’t take it, it may have been my brother or my friend who was visiting, we will never know. But I do remember the storm that erupted over its disappearance. This was clearly something of great importance!

Developing Beliefs

It is no surprise really given these experiences that have a prominent place in my memories that sweet treats became something to strive for and also to fall back and rely on. When I first began receiving pocket money it was a given that this would be spent on a chocolate bar or two. So the pattern continued throughout life.

I believe this subject is worthy of a complete blog post sometimes soon, but at the moment I am just trying to reaffirm for myself the size of the journey ahead if I am to try and break my dependence.

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