What has me glued to the tv?


In our house, we are box set watchers (of the streaming variety naturally as we are both tech fans). I have the odd serial drama (not soap), quiz show and entertainment show that I watch each week but in general, we watch a series on a day to day basis.

This viewing is split into two, the programs we watch together at lunch and dinner time and then those that I watch on my own on the iPad in an evening while Michael is on the computer downstairs.

Joint Viewing


We have recently finished watching the fifth season of Leverage on Amazon Prime. It is sort of a modern-day version of the Robin Hood synopsis. A (previously law-abiding) mastermind brings together a group consisting of a grifter, a thief, a hacker and a hitter. Their purpose is to assist people where the law cannot in dealing with morally corrupt, seriously wealthy individuals. They provide Leverage and help the downtrodden to reclaim what was theirs.

I absolutely loved it, although each episode helped an individual in need of the group’s assistance. Ultimately they themselves were helped. A disparate set of self-serving individuals came together as a family and learnt the value of each other. Although I don’t support crime, this series proved that crime prevention and law are not always on the same side.

The Mandalorian

We have now started watching The Mandalorian on Disney+. It is quite a while since I watched the original Star Wars movies, so I am still trying to piece together the timeline and how these characters fit in. I’ll admit it is a little hard going because the central character always has a helmet on “It is the way” and I form relationships with characters partly based upon their facial expressions and what I read in their eyes. But I am getting into it, the absurdly cute baby Yoda is a winner with me. I can’t lie, I want one, I don’t mean a stuffed toy, a real one!

My Viewing Time

Line of Duty

The last thing I completed was series five of Line of Duty on BBC iPlayer. I don’t know how I missed watching this when it was first on. In general, I am a big fan of TV Detective shows and it is interesting to see things from a different perspective. Full marks to the creative team, I am waiting on tenterhooks for series six to find out exactly who is good and who is bad. I really can’t call it at the moment.

Pretty Little Liars

I am now watching Pretty Little Liars also on the BBC iPlayer. I think I need to put this into the guilty pleasure category. I am about to start season two. Why is it I can watch a program based around teenagers when I am in my forties, in the same way, I would watch one when I was a teen. I guess the big difference is when I was young I would no doubt be fantasising over one of the young men. But now, as a middle-aged spoonie, I can admire everyone’s beauty and envy their youth. I think if I was still young I would have the same taste as Aria. Although as someone who has taught I shouldn’t say that. It is a tricky one though because she met him outside of the school and if he taught somewhere different there wouldn’t have been a problem… We need to remember that girls mature quicker!

So that has brought you up to date with all my current viewing, what are you watching?

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