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Getting ahead with the blog posts


On Monday I have my first Covid jab. I have decided to approach this in much the same way as the annual flu jab. From experience, that hurts for about three days and causes more disturbed sleep than usual due to waking up if I roll onto that side.

Recently, I have been failing to follow my own advice and I have been writing my blog posts a couple of days before they are due. Note to self, I need to get my act together and get ahead…

Today, I have broken off from my web coding course and spent the day writing next Thursday’s blog post. It could be I may have been fine to do it next week, but why take the chance and give myself the stress? After a dodgy start to the day, more on that in a moment. I have been writing for hours, only to finish the post and remember I needed to write this too. Even if I only have three subscribers at the moment and only one who actually reads it each day (I thank you and appreciate you!). It’s a good job I enjoy writing….

My eventful shower

So, it was all going on this morning. First of all the Fibro Fog kicked in and I found myself applying my hair moisturiser to my face. I’ll admit I was in a quandary afterwards whether I should apply moisturiser or not, I decided not to… Then not long after this happened the suction caddy fell off the wall and only just missed my feet. Thankfully no harm was done other than the palpitations when I had some delayed shock just after I got out of the shower.

That is the sum of my day up to now. How is yours going?

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