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We are once again a bit early. Last year our neighbour Dianne bought a new pre-lit Christmas tree two weeks before the beginning of Christmas and they had to put it up to check it, then decided there was no point taking it down, so continued to put the decorations up. They kindly gifted us their old pre-lit tree and we needed to make sure it would fit in the space, so we put it up and decorated it too!

We were talking a few days ago and she planned to decorate on Friday 26th November (the day the village lights are switched on). I have usually decorated on either the 1st of December or Advent Sunday, whichever comes first. But we said we will probably do ours on Saturday the 27th.

So we were a little surprised to see them putting up a string of lights outside. To cut a long story short, she was sorting out the room to make space for the tree, then her other half and daughter got involved and before she knew it they were putting everything up.

We have a string of lights across the front of our house, thanks to Andy (her other half) and before I knew it, Michael said we may as well put ours up too. Thankfully, they had pretty much finished so Andy could help to put the tree up and we had a willing 8-year-old only too happy to hand baubles on the tree.

With regard to the upstairs tree, I confess, because I left it up longer to cheer up the post-Christmas lockdown, it got to the stage that this Christmas was closer than the last one and there seemed little point taking it down, is it was still there ready to go. A little finishing touch was to hang this wreath on the outside of the croffice (craftroom/office thanks to a YouTuber for the word) door.

I would have shared an image of the main downstairs tree but my body hurts a lot now and I will be going back downstairs in about 20 minutes for dinner and a Christmas film. So this little wreath will have to keep you going and I’ll share the tree another day.

When are you planning on decorating? Let me know…

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