When the words don’t flow!


Forgive me for repeating myself but I have once again been awol and I have to confess that I am not in a position to be fully back on base! So what has been going on? I hear you ask. Well, first of all, I am not very good at getting the New Year going. I love the idea of it, I schedule ideas and emotionally believe in the magic that a New Year brings a fresh start. Then the reality hits that I have been a little busy in the run-up to Christmas and I am absolutely going to indulge in the food etc (and even a tiny amount of alcohol – I don’t do drunk or hungover just a pleasant relaxed warm feeling). Add onto that a bit of it is cold and dark but there is no more Christmas to look forward to and we are into February really. Then this has been the year of vaccines. Between the two work-wide bug jab side-effects, or quite possibly the jabs triggering Fibro symptoms I have lost about three or four months of the year, add in last weeks flu jab and another half a week flew by.

So by the time I am getting to a good as I do get I have so many things fighting for my attention. The cardmaking, blogging, genealogy and generally staying on top of digital productivity software, apps and trends.

So here we are. At least as it is already November and I have pretty much lost this year. I have I clearer picture in my head about a realistic start to the New Year, catching up on some much-needed reading and I’m sure there will be a box set or two worth reading. March seems a great time to do the whole New Year thing, let’s face it, it worked for us in the UK before 1752, what goes around comes around…

To leave things on a happy note, later on, this month I will be eligible for my top up vaccine, the gift that keeps on giving. So, to bring the story to a close, I’m sort of back as much as I can be and I’m not going to promise a consistent schedule because why set myself up for failure, catch you when the muse strikes, tomorrow, next week, month or year (well I have no intention of it being next year but I’m coving the bases).

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