My Blogs are moving house!


So what have I been doing today? It has been full-on blogging all the way. I have been busy draughting out the content for Monday’s Digital Guru post, spoiler alert it is about RSS feeds.

Meanwhile, I have been bouncing emails back and forward with my new hosting company who are moving my blogs for me. Instead of going with a costly big name, I have settled upon a more affordable local company that not only provide great customer service but they do what they can to help save you money. That is very much out of the norm in my experience.

I am looking forward to the various changes I hope to make as I continue to improve the blog. For those of you who read Living Creatively with Fibro, I have decided that next week (hopefully) when I am due to change to the spring colours I will go back to the original colour theme for the blog. (Funnily enough, these colours are great for spring anyway). I have enjoyed the trial of changing my blog colours seasonally but I’ve decided that it is probably not worth it for the blog. But I will continue it with my Instagram Feed where I think it has been most effective.

How have you been spending your day?

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