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You can’t go wrong with flowers


You may remember, yesterday I talked about the need to switch back to my creative brain to create a Mothering Sunday card for my Mum. Sometimes when I need to be creative but I am not feeling it the result is just so-so. I have to say I am happy with the end product this time. In case you are interested, I used this floral clip-art collection to create it.

Back to coding

Now I have finished the card I can get back on with my coding. I am currently working through the Responsive Web Design course at FreeCodeCamp, I think it is fantastic that courses of this nature are provided for free. As a spoonie though I have my moments because the code you use has to be perfect. Even adding extra space can cause the test to say you have not done it right when in the real world the code will work. I have my typical split feelings about this. the perfectionist in me supports it, it makes sense to learn the cleanest code possible. But the Fibro Fog brain sometimes gets frustrated and wishes it would give me a break.

Falling Down the Void

I have to confess, for all I talk about productivity and I like to achieve as much as my Fibro will let me. I still have my fails. Yesterday I finished the card and this afternoon I will do some more coding. This morning though I fell down the void of mindless web scrolling. I think I can get away with referring to it as mental rest though, can’t I?

What is keeping you busy at the moment?

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